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Living Room / Lounge

Do you have casters under chairs which makes them likely to slide as you get up?

Casters make furniture easier to move but can cause a problem if they slide back just as you are getting up. Either remove the casters or fit cup shaped carpet savers underneath.

Can you get in and out of your chair safely?

If your chair is too high or too low it may need adjusting to make it easier to get in and out of.

Do you have other chairs in your house which are a better height for you? Get someone to swap them over for you.

Do you have to lean or reach to open windows or curtains because furniture is in the way?

Curtain cords may help to help open and close the curtains without stretching.

Ask someone to help you re-arrange the furniture so that your windows are more accessible

Further Information

Fire Safety Advice

  • Make sure electrical wires and plugs are maintained and don't overload sockets and if it is not in use SWITCH IT OFF!
  • Don't dry clothes close to a heat source – they may catch fire from radiated heat
  • If you smoke make sure you put it out, right out in an ashtray and empty ashtrays regularly